Wednesday, 18 April 2012

jazzy bieber biography

When somebody became famous, people around him also became famous. Jazmyn Bieber, Justin Bieber’s little sister from his father, jeremy jack bieber and step mother, is probably one of the most talked about toddlers on the web. Jazzy Bieber was born on May 30th 2008. The beautiful little girl is now three years old. When she celebrated her third birthday last May, she received lots of birthday wishes via Twitter. Most of the messages were from Justin Bieber’s fans, wishing all the best for her.

We all know that Justin Bieber has a huge fan base online, so there were at least thousands of birthday wishes sent to the little girl on her birthday. Most Justin Bieber fan sites also posted a happy birthday message for the cute little girl. Just like Justin Bieber’s, Jazmyn Bieber’s photos and videos are also posted all over the web. You can check out her photos yourself to see how cute the little girl is.

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